Christ The Liberator
                                                                     of Metropolitan Community Churches

                                                                                                                                                                     LGBTQ   & Allies     people are made in God's own image and 
                                                                                   nothing can separate us from God's Love

                                                                                                                             Join us for Sunday Worship, 12:00 p.m. 

Sacraments and Rites

The SACRAMENT of  BAPTISM is included at Christ The Liberator. We make baptism available to all, members and non-members.  Our belief is that every person is a child of God. Among the many meanings of baptism in the Christian faith, one of the meanings is “welcome to the family,” the human family, the family of faith.  We are grateful for the gift of children, the blessing they are to our families and churches, and we acknowledge our sacred responsibility to them through baptism.

The SACRAMENT of HOLY COMMUNION the partaking of blessed bread and fruit of the vine in accordance with the words of Jesus, our Sovereign: This is my body…this is my blood. (Matthew 26:26-28).  At Christ The Liberator, we celebrate and open communion which means you do not have to be a member of this church or any other church to receive the elements.  Each week, the bread is intinct in non-alcoholic grape juice and given with a brief blessing.

The RITE OF MEMBERSHIP IN THE CHURCH is conducted by the Pastor Christ The Liberator. Following the criteria established CTL, a baptized Christian may become a member in good standing of the local church group through a letter of transfer from a recognized Christian body or through affirmation of faith.

The RITE OF HOLY UNION/RITE OF HOLY MATRIMONY is the spiritual joining of two persons in a manner fitting and proper by the duly authorized Pastor of Christ The Liberator. After both persons have been counseled and apprised of their responsibilities one toward the other, this rite of conferring God’s blessing may be performed.

The RITE OF FUNERAL OR MEMORIAL SERVICE is to be fittingly conducted by the ministers of the Church for the deceased.

The RITE OF LAYING ON OF HANDS or prayer for the healing of the sick in mind, body or spirit is to be conducted by the ministers of the Church, at their discretion, upon request.

The RITE OF BLESSING may be conducted by the ministers of the Church for persons, things and relationships, when deemed appropriate by the minister. This includes the dedication of a church building to the glory of God.

​​Vision of MCC
Metropolitan Community Church is compelled by an unfinished calling and a prophetic destiny. We are a global movement of spiritually and sexually diverse people who are fully awake to God's enduring love. Following the example of Jesus and empowered by the Spirit, we seek to build leading-edge church communities that demand, proclaim, and do justice in the world 

Mission of MCC to Be MCC
Transforming ourselves as we transform the world.  Metropolitan Community Churches proclaims and practices a spirituality that is anchored in the liberating Gospel of Jesus Christ and confronts the issues of our volatile, uncertain, and complex world. We are called to develop and equip leaders, congregations, and ministries that foster spiritual growth, do the work of justice, act with compassion, and integrate sexuality and spirituality. We will do this through offering high-value training, local church support and resourcing, cutting edge theological exploration, and expanding partnerships.

The Four Core Values of MCC
Inclusion, Community, Spiritual Transformation, and Justice

Love is our greatest moral value and resisting exclusion is a primary focus of our ministry. We want to continue to be the conduits of a faith where everyone is included in the family of God and where all parts of our being are welcomed at God’s table.

Offering a safe and open community for people to worship, learn and grow in their faith is our deep desire. We are committed to equipping ourselves and each other to do the work that God has called us to do in the world.

Spiritual Transformation

Providing a message of liberation from the oppressive religious environment of our day or to those experiencing God for the first time is what guides our ministry. We believe that when people are invited to experience God through the life and ministry of Christ, lives will be transformed.

Social Action
Working to talk less and do more, we are committed to resisting the structures that oppress people and standing with to those who suffer under the weight of oppressive systems, being guided always by our commitment to global human rights.
Basic Beliefs: In MCC, we strive to proclaim a spirituality that is liberating and sufficiently profound to address the issues of our chaotic and complicated world. We live out our belief that in the margins we are blessed and we are offering multiple ways for people to access our message of liberation and inclusion.

MCC Statement of Purpose
As God’s liberated people, we boldly. . .
At MCC, we believe that even in our humanness, we are holy. We are liberated from other people’s definitions of who we are. We are made both body and spirit. We believe that our sexuality is a holy gift from God so we no longer distance our bodies from our experience with God. We are a people who proudly participate in the communion of body and spirit.

Advance Our Call to Social Justice and Action
At MCC, we believe that Jesus led the way in acts of compassion and acts of justice. Because we have been a people in the margins of society, we understand fully the grace that God has extended to us. We seek to distance ourselves from exclusion and draw ourselves closer to including all those who are marginalized in any way. We stand boldly with those who resist the structures of exclusion, as Jesus did, and work to insure freedom for all people. In the margins, 

Tell the Story of God’s Transforming Grace 
At MCC, we come as we are to Christ and are changed by what we find. We experience a God with open arms, inviting all to take the sacred journey of faith and transformation. We are growing in our faith and claim that our place in society has magnified our place in God’s family. We are one of the many voices of God that, until now, has been lost in the margins!

Nurture the Value of Community
At MCC, we believe our ultimate ministry is in the world. We know that in order to prepare ourselves for radical service that changes lives, we must equip ourselves and others in the safety of a supportive community. We strive to live out a message that rejects the idea that any are excluded from the family of God. 

Build Bridges that Liberate and Unite
At MCC, we have experienced the soul destruction that comes from hate filled rhetoric. In restoring our souls, we have come to find that our voices will speak the liberation that comes through peace, compassion, love, respect and grace. As followers of Jesus, we believe in everyone’s holy privilege to work out their own salvation. While we are a Christian church who follows Jesus, we respect those of other faith traditions and work together with them to free all those who are oppressed by hate, disregard and violence.