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At HRC Gala, Hillary Clinton Excoriates Trump's Abysmal LGBT Rights Record

Following impassioned speeches from people like Sen. Kamala Harris and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rallied the troops at the Human Rights Campaign's D.C. gala on Saturday night. Read on...
Hey, BuzzFeed: You Forget to Mention Something About Chick-fil-A!

Georgia-based chain got into hot water in 2012 when chairman/CEO Dan Cathy admitted his company opposes marriage equality and said gay people are "arrogant" and shake their fists at God. It was also discovered that the company donated millions to anti-LGBT causes.
Read on...
21 Gay Popes, Cardinals, and Assorted Catholic Leaders

This LGBT History Month, take a look at some of the queer leaders of one the world's most influential organized religions. Read on...
At Values Voter Summit, Trump Boasts of Homophobic, Sexist Victories

He touts all of his divisive policies, ignoring the harm they're doing.
Religious Right Overjoyed by 'License to Discriminate'

The Trump administration’s Friday issuance of “religious freedom” guidance and rollback of the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive coverage mandate appalled progressives and many other Americans — but members of the religious right are over the moon.
The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. All older adults, and LGBT older adults in particular, need to have certain legal and financial plans and documents in place to ensure that their wishes regarding healthcare, pensions, inheritance and more are respected.
200K Pledge to Combat Religious Intolerance Toward LGBT Kids.
Nearly 200,000 people of faith, both liberals and conservatives, signed a Faith in America pledge to help end the harm done to LGBT youth by anti-LGBT religious teachings.    Read on.
Dr. David Williams: Hope and healing, from the operating room to the pulpit.

Dr. David Williams is a man of many skills. In addition to being the interim pastor at Metropolitan Community Church-Christ the Liberator in Hamilton, N.J., he is a Trauma Surgeon and an Engineer. Since there’s so much to tell, let’s get right to it.  Read on
Pastor Dave Goes Native!  

As many of you know, Pastor Dave is of Jamaican heritage. He often peppers his sermon messages with colorful native sayings because these pearls of wisdom teach us how to solve or avoid problems altogether.

(1) "When trouble tek yu, pickney shut fit yu" which means when you're in trouble, even a child's shirt will fit.

(2) "Yu tun yu han and mek fashin!" which means you create something out of nothing! It's doubtful that Aesop visited Jamaica, but if he had, he might have summarized these wise words this way: 

"Necessity is the mother of invention!"