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Metropolitan Community Churches loses a Prophet and Healer!
​MCC grieve the death of Rev. Delores Berry who transitioned on August 8, 2017. She was a beautiful soul who blessed so many!
Rev. Berry told her own story: “I am Rev. Delores Berry. I am a blessed child of God! I answered the Call to Ministry at the age of 19. I was an Ordained Minister in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. I came out at the age of 24. God called me OUT! I should have come out at the age of 2! I always knew that my soul was a rainbow! It was always clear in my heart that God created me as a Lesbian.”
​Why Social Media? Why Social Media According to Nielsen's 2016 Social Media Report; Generation X (ages 35-49) spends 7 hours a week on social media; Millennials (ages 18-29) spend a little over 6 hours. The Pew Center's 2016 Social Media Update reports that 79% of online adults (68% of all Americans) use Facebook. Social media is everywhere, 24/7. When we discuss church growth, it's important to recognize these social platforms as the powerful tools they are. We have to push beyond our own comfort zones with technology and begin to try new things. We can 'google' answers to questions or bring them to church!  CTL continues to build our online presence.

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Pastor Dave Goes Native!  As many of you know, Pastor Dave is of Jamaican heritage. He often peppers his sermon messages with colorful native sayings because these pearls of wisdom teach us how to solve or avoid problems altogether. (1) "When trouble tek yu, pickney shut fit yu" which means when you're in trouble, even a child's shirt will fit. (2) "Yu tun yu han and mek fashin!" which means you create something out of nothing! It's doubtful that Aesop visited Jamaica, but if he had, he might have summarized these wise words this way: "Necessity is the mother of invention!"
The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. All older adults, and LGBT older adults in particular, need to have certain legal and financial plans and documents in place to ensure that their wishes regarding healthcare, pensions, inheritance and more are respected. The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging has compiled state-by-state resources so you can find the help you need in your community.
Love Conquers All: A Story of a Family Healed. Soon after learning that her son was HIV-positive, this preacher’s wife was dealt another blow — her husband of 30 years was leaving her for a man. “It started as a cleansing; it started out as therapy,” says Lydia Meredith of deciding to write her inspiring memoir, The Gay Preacher’s Wife. Meredith first learned her now ex-husband, Dennis, was attracted to men nearly two decades before they divorced. Looking back, she says they were both very much in denial. “It was my coping mechanism,” says Meredith. “Who I was — my life, my family, my marriage — was being challenged.”  Read on.
A Christian Organization Is Trying to 'Take Back the Rainbow,' and the Internet Is Snickering!  Ken Ham, the president of Answers in Genesis, an organization "an apologetics ministry, dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith," is determined to take back the rainbow from the LGBT community, who he feels has appropriated it from biblical teachings. His first move?  
Read on
A Queer Takeover at the Southern Baptist Convention. A pro-LGBT organization is out to let faith groups know the harm that lack of acceptance does to LGBT kids — and it did just that recently in Phoenix. “Love him for me.” That was what a Southern Baptist pastor’s wife said about her gay son to Stan Mitchell, senior pastor of an LGBT accepting church Franklin, Tenn. when she encountered Mitchell at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in mid-June. Mitchell was part of a group of volunteers organized by Faith in America and partner groups who went to Phoenix for the Southern Baptist confab with the goal of engaging attendees on LGBT issues as part of the “Save yOur Kids” campaign. Read on
World on Track to Reach 90-90-90 Goal by 2020. What many thought was a pipe dream might actually become reality. The 90-90-90 targets endorsed by governments in 2014 calling for 90 percent of people to know their status, 90 percent of poz to be on treatment, and 90 percent of poz people to reach undetectable is well on track. According to an announcement made by UNAIDS at the 9th International AIDS Conference on HIV Science in Paris over the weekend, we’re closer than ever before. However, there are still places in the world that risk lagging behind thanks to the lack of political progress and commitment to the cause.   Read on.
200K Pledge to Combat Religious Intolerance Toward LGBT Kids.
Nearly 200,000 people of faith, both liberals and conservatives, signed a Faith in America pledge to help end the harm done to LGBT youth by anti-
LGBT religious teachings. The pledge is part of the “Save yOur Kids” campaign run by Faith in America, a group that works for LGBT acceptance in religion, in coalition with a variety of organizations. As part of the effort, Faith in America last month assembled volunteers to engage attendees at the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Phoenix regarding the denomination’s anti-LGBT stances.   Read on.
Church of England Votes to Condemn 'Ex-Gay' Therapy, Welcome Trans Members. These are positive moves, but the church still won't perform samesex weddings or ordain partnered gay clergy. The Church of England has taken some steps toward LGBT acceptance, although some activists point out that it still has far to go. Read on.
Dr. David Williams: Hope and healing, from the operating room to the pulpit.

By Suzi Nash
August 3, 2017

Dr. David Williams is a man of many skills. In addition to being the  interim pastor at
Metropolitan Community Church-Christ the Liberator in Hamilton, N.J., he is a
Trauma Surgeon and an Engineer. Since there’s so much to tell, let’s get right to it.

PGN: Where are you from?
DW: I was born in Jamaica: English mother from Jamaican extraction and
my father was American, also from Jamaican extraction. I went to
elementary and high school in Jamaica.   Read on
Strategic Planning (SP) Update. On June 14, CTL hosted Rev. Dr. Roland Stringfellow of MCC Detroit to lead us through the SP process; identifying a direction/goal and creating a plan of strategic steps towards accomplishing it.  By the end of this retreat, we decided that our immediate goal is to grow our membership for these reasons: (1) We want to be able to implement ministries that make a difference in people's lives; (2) We want to have more fellowship and friendship possibilities; and (3) We want to become financially solvent. Here are the steps we're taking to grow membership: 1) we've begun an intensive social media outreach campaign integrating our website, Meet Up, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube presences; (2) Pastor Dave continues to network with 
Grace-St. Paul's, New Jersey AIDS Partnership, Garden State Equality, Pride Center of NJ, Meet Up 'meet & greets', MCC’s HIV/AIDS Advisory Council, and several area LGBTQ organizations; and (3) In addition to registering as a charity on ​​ &, we continue to research additional fundraising and grant opportunities. God has blessed us to be a blessing to others! Go CTL!